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For frequently asked questions, please review the below, or contact us.

Things to bring
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Medications your pet is currently taking, along with written instructions for our technicians and assistants to follow.
Provide feeding times and amounts with your pet's food, as well as any other instructions to accommodate your pet's specific needs.
Toys and bedding from home are a great way to reassure your animal is as comfortable as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What vaccines do you require?

  • For dogs, we require Distemper, Rabies, Bordetella, and K9 Flu.
  • For cats, we require either the FVRCP or CPPR vaccine as well as Rabies.

What is the Canine Influenza?

  • This vaccine covers 7 other respiratory viruses that are not covered by the Bordetella vaccine. We do this as an extra precaution for all dogs that enter the building.
  • This isn’t one of the annual vaccinations that your pet would normally receive. It is a two-part booster given about 3-4 weeks apart. If your dog has the first dose, and it doesn’t expire during the stay, that will be fine.

Can my dogs board together?

  • This will depend on the size of the dogs and the kennel that you would be looking to book. If they are bigger dogs, we would recommend our Junior Suites or VIP’s. If they are smaller dogs, then any kennel would be fine. (Bigger dogs in a Junior Suite will also depend on if we have Jr 1 and/or 2 available or if we have the dividing kennels available. Use your best judgment to decide. If the dogs have been here before, you can look at previous boardings to see what they have done in the past).

Can you administer my pet’s medication?

  • Yes, we can administer medication of all types including Insulin. We have specific staff that is allowed to administer medication so that we can ensure the pets are getting exactly what they need and in a correct manner.

Can you send us pictures of my dog/cat?

  • If you have/are going to sign the Social Media Consent form, we post your dog/cat on our Facebook page as well as our Instagram account. (Facebook: On Point Pet Resort, Instagram: onpointpetresort_)
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